Hot eggs with rice

hot eggs with rice

We received this recipe from the intrepid Jonnie P:

“My favourite spot to eat this would be as a late breakfast, wild camping in the Scottish Highlands. I know Harry loved the wilderness, so I’m sure he would approve.

Stir fry thinly sliced onions with some rice left over from your previous night’s supper. Short grain brown rice is my favourite as it has a wonderful nutty flavour. Basmati works well too. When ready divide amongst plates and wipe the pan clean.

Poor a good slurp of olive oil the pan, place on a low heat and add three or four eggs. As they start to turn white, combine the eggs into one by gently turning them with a spoon. Allow the yolks to break. Turn off the heat before the yolk cooks solid. You should now have something between a fried egg, a poached egg and an omelette.

At this point add a spoonful of Harry Brand, tipping the pan so that it combines with the eggs and oil in a marbled pattern. Divide the eggs and pour over the rice. Goes great with strong milky coffee.”


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    Jane - April 3, 2014 7:20 am

    Also known as Moroccan eggs, using harissa delivers a real kick to this savoury breakfast/brunch.