Best Online Butcher in Britain stocks Harry Brand harissa!

We have a wonderful new stockist, Godfreys Butcher in Highbury Barn. The business was founded in 1905 by Frank Godfrey, who brought with him his already famous Lincolnshire Sausage recipe, still celebrated and handmade on their premises today.

Frank originated the pursuit of excellence, acquiring the rights to graze his own livestock in nearby Clissold Park and would often be seen herding the animals down to his premises in Stoke Newington High Street. Every week Frank would buy his own carefully selected livestock from Islington’s Market Road to maintain his standards of Premium Quality – and as a special treat at Christmas would always buy the Market’s prize-winning beast for his customers. This picture shows them in the old days.

7 Highbury Barn
London N5 1QJ
Telephone 020 7226 2425
Open Mon-Sat 8:00-18:00


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