Happy Easter everyone!

The skies may be grey this weekend but we have some colourful new stock at the Harry Brand shop in Columbia Road, London E2, to brighten up your Easter. There are beautiful hens’ egg shells hand-painted by a friend-of-a-friend in the Czech Republic. Each one takes her 2-hours to create and are mini-masterpieces to hang in a Spring bouquet of flowers from the market (open this Sunday). Also newly arrived, ‘The East End in Colour’ newly published by Hoxton Press; it’s an incredible collection of photographs by the late David Granick from the Tower Hamlets archive. Delicious CoCo chocolate from Edinburgh comes in many, many flavours including Lavender, Geranium, Haggis (!) and Gin & Tonic. We have a big selection of brightly-coloured gardening gloves from Bradleys and a basket of Krik Krak tin frogs from Germany. And of course, there’s Harry Brand harissa which is wonderful with any egg-based dish, particularly Tunisian recipes.

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