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  • Happy Easter everyone!

    The skies may be grey this weekend but we have some colourful new stock at the Harry Brand shop in Columbia Road, London E2, to brighten up your Easter. There are beautiful hens’ egg shells hand-painted by a friend-of-a-friend in the Czech Repu...

  • Mayonnaise the 4th be with you

    On May 4th 2016 Harry Brand is launching a new product, delicious harissa mayonnaise. Our intrepid samplers have always recommended mixing Harry Brand harissa with mayo to make a dip for crudites or shellfish, but you the public demanded that we do i...

  • Harissa 210g jar

    For home kitchen and table use, spooning liberally as a condiment. This harissa has the same recipe but more texture than the sauce in the squeezy, making it particularly good in stews and on pasta....

  • Harissa 195g squeezy

    This product uses the same four-ingredient recipe as the jar, but has a smoother blend for a more convenient way of adding a slick of harissa to BBQ burgers, wraps, samosas and sandwiches. Mix the squeezy harissa with mayonnaise to make a seafood dip...


  • Harissa 210g jar

  • New! Harissa mayonnaise

  • Springtime in Columbia Road, London E2

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